Prof. Anna Maria Papini

Short Biography of Prof. Anna Maria Papini, PhD –

 A.M. Papini is Professor of Bioorganic Chemistry, expert in peptide and protein chemistry and biology. She completed an International PhD in 1990, under the supervision of Prof. Luis Moroder of the Max Planck Institut fuer Biochemie. In 1991 she founded the first Laboratory of peptide chemistry starting peptide-based translational research at the University of Florence. Since 2014 she is coordinating the French-Italian Interdepartmental Laboratory of Peptide & Protein Chemistry & Biology ( associating the Departments of Chemistry, Neurosciences & Pharmaceutical Sciences of the University of Florence and the Laboratory of Chemical Biology of the Université Paris-Seine associated to the UMR CNRS/UPSud/UPSaclay 8076 BioCIS. Since 2001 she is Professor of bioorganic chemistry at the University of Florence. She is Laureate of the “Chaire d’Excellence” 2009-2014 of the French “Agence Nationale de la Recherche” (unique in chemistry out of 16) and appointed professor of biorganic chemistry at the Université Paris-Seine (France). In recognition of her outstanding contribution to peptide science in 2008 she was the recipient of the Leonidas Zervas Award of the European Peptide Society and of the 1st Dimitrios Theodoropoulos Memorial Award of the Hellenic Peptide Society. For the period 2011-2020, she has been nominated Treasurer and Member of the Executive Committee of The European Peptide Society. In 2015 she was one of the founders of the Italian Peptide Society and since 2017 she has been nominated chief scientific officer in the executive committee. Since 2013 she is coordinator of the International Affairs and Erasmus Program of the School of Sciences of the University of Florence. She was chair with Phil E. Dawson of the 2016 Gordon Research Conference “Crossing Barriers by Peptide Science for Health and Wellness”. She has been nominated Chair of the 14th International Peptide Symposium that will be held in Florence (Italy) on August 2022. She is cofounder of the first spin-off of the University of Florence EspiKem Srl, launched in 2003, of the start-up Toscana Biomarkers Srl (2007-2014), whose mission was R&D of peptide-based diagnostics of autoimmune diseases. For her activity in technology transfer she got in 2009 the Frost & Sullivan Excellence in Research Award in the European autoimmune disease diagnostics market & the Vespucci Award of the Regione Toscana for the perspectives of development of the company aimed to research and production of innovative diagnostic methodologies for autoimmune diseases, i.e., multiple sclerosis and rheumatoid arthritis. Moreover since 2017 she founded and acts as scientific coordinator of PeptFarm joining PeptLab and Fabbrica Italiana Sintetici, F.I.S. Italy to develop large-scale synthesis of peptide-drugs and she has recently founded Apotech that will obtain the status of spinoff of the University of Florence in the next months to develop cosmeceutical active peptides. She is coauthor of 252 peer-reviewed articles: 144 articles in peer reviewed scientific journals and 108 articles in peer reviewed books. She is coauthor of 10 filed patents. She has been invited to present 116 lectures in International Symposia, Universities and Research Centers. 52 oral & 247 poster communications were selected for presentations in international symposia. Moreover she was invited to present 10 lectures aimed to technology transfer in the global space of R&D (2 in extra-European countries and 8 in Europe).