Prof. Dariusz Matosiuk

Prof. dr hab. Dariusz MATOSIUK, Master in Organic Chemistry received at Maria Curie-Sklodowska University in 1982. Same year he started academic career in Department of Synthesis and Chemical Technology of Pharmaceutical Substances, Faculty of Pharmacy of the Medical University of Lublin. His PhD thesis were commissioned in 1990 and habilitation defended in 2003.

From 2013 he is a full professor. Since 2012 he is serving position of Vice Rector for Science at Medical University of Lublin.

He specialize in medicinal chemistry especially of the central nervous system (pain, depression, schizophrenia) and anticancer agents. In his work he utilize modelling of the 3D structure of the protein targets for search of new potential drugs. Computer models both in static and dynamic forms help him to understand action of drugs and mechanisms of activation of receptors and ion channels. Allows also fast search for active compounds in ligand-based or structure-based drug design.

Author of over 100 scientific publications with almost 1500 citations, Hirsch index 14. Author of over 40 patents and more than 300 conference presentations. About 40 of them were lectures or oral presentations. Promotor of 9 PhD thesis and one habilitation.

Co-founder of the Polish Society of Medicinal Chemistry. Member of the Board of Society since 2006.

Co-organizer of the series of Joint Meetings on Medicinal Chemistry conferences (1999-2019) and organizer of the Polish Colloquium on Medicinal Chemistry held in Lublin since 2008.