Prof. Paolo Rovero

Prof. Paolo Rovero, born in Florence in 1958, is professor of medicinal chemistry at the Medical School of the University of Florence. He graduated in organic chemistry from the University of Florence in 1983.

Since 1985, his research interests are related to the design, synthesis, conformational analysis and biological characterization of peptides of pharmaceutical, cosmeceutical, and biotechnological interest. He was appointed associate prfessor of medicinal chemistry in 1998 (University of Salerno), after spending five years as researcher in a leading Italian pharma company (Menarini, Firenze – 1986-1991) and eight years at the Italian National Research Council (CNR, Pisa – 1991-1998). In 2003 moves to the University of Florence, where he is a Co-founder of the Interdepartmental Laboratory of Chemistry and Biology of Peptides and Proteins (PeptLab; Strongly involved in technology transfer, in 2003 founded the first academic spin-off company of the University of Florence, EspiKem Srl (, a Contract Research Organization. More recently, he was among the academic founders of two research companies: Toscana Biomarkers Srl (in vitro diagnostics) and Apotech Srl (peptide active ingredients of cosmeceutical interest).

He is coauthor of more than 220 scientific publications on international journals and of 20 patents of pharmaceutical relevance. He is a member of the Italian Chemical Society, the Italian Peptide Society (Treasurer), the European Peptide Society, and the American Peptide Society (charter member). He serves as Co-Editor of the Journal of Peptide Science.